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Omron and Rhysode, two of our officers, have had their Net 7 stories published! Unfortunately it was too late to post Rhysode's story, but here are Omron's masterpieces! If Net 7 publishes your story, or you have one of your own, just send me an email, and it may be posted here.


Record Girl Scout cookie sale in VT
Reporter: Omron
Submission Date: 2003-01-22 23:02:13.0

A record 1.2 million credit sale of Girl Scout cookies was recorded today by Suzie McTash, age 10, at Aragoth Station. The intrepid Suzie, seeing all the pilots loitering in the lounge waiting for jobs, had the brilliant idea of supplying the tasty snack to the hungry horde.

"I was selling cookies as fast as I could get them out of the box," said Suzie, clearly exhausted after six hours of selling cookies. "Everyone seems to like the Thin Mints, They were the most popular." She continued. "It got scary there for a while when I almost ran out."

Indeed, Suzie was not prepared for the massive number of orders, and a near riot nearly broke out as the cookie supply ran low. Fear turned to jubilation at the last minute when a fresh supply was brought in by a armada of Red Dragons led by none other than leader Tzu himself.

"We have no quarrel with the Girl Scouts; they're a fine organization. In fact both of my daughters were Girl Scouts," said Tzu. The appearance of the Red Dragons did not fail to raise some eyebrows at Earthcorps security.

"We find it highly suspicious that the Red Dragons would be involved with the Girl Scouts. Trust me, this will be followed up," said Earthcorps Office of Information Security Chief Admiral Boyngdexter.

Suzie however seemed unaware of all the intrigue surrounding the event and was just glad to win first prize for most cookie sales. See you next year Suzie!


Massive Unemployment, Ore Shortages Threaten Economy
Reporter: Omron
Submission Date: 2003-01-15 01:15:20.0

It's no surprise that the latest results show a stagnant economy with high unemployment and low productivity, but the reason behind the figures is in some dispute.

Everyone has noticed the huge crowds of unemployed workers lingering around job terminals, especially at Aragoth Station, and there are plenty of opinions on what should be done. As one Explorer sadly put it: "I spend half my day fighting for jobs at the terminal and what do I get? Garbage hauling out to Sol! This is not what my parents thought I would be doing when they put me through Jenquai Academy, but what else can I do? There is no more space to explore, I've seen it all." A common lament these days.

Spokesperson and supplyside economist for deWinter, Wolduk claims: "It's simple; taxes are just to high. Lower taxes and we can get more jobs into the system. What do we get for our tax money anyway? A bloated EarthCorps fleet that has done nothing to stop pirates from terrorizing our shipping. And what about these V'rix that everybody is so anxious about? EarthCorps has not made a move against them. What are we waiting for?"

Builders too have their complaints. Shortages of many materials such as appolonite, horosium, balderium and aesirium have brought manufacturing to a near halt in many stations and caused high inflation rates on many weapons, shields and reactors.

Jenqui leader Det Ydennek has a different opinion: "The harmonic balance of the galaxy is in danger. There are too many pilots chasing diminishing resources. Until the balance is achieved we will continue to see turmoil and despair."

In his weekly broadcast, Progen commentator Hsur blasted the Jenquai opinion: "This is exactly what the Jenquai-dominated media would like you to believe. There are plenty of resources but the Jenquai, with their fancy technology, are hiding the location. I know for a fact that the Jenquai and the V'rix are cooperating to bring about the downfall of civilization."

Finally, we spotted some oldtimers of the Foundation Federation quietly gathered around the gaming tables At Friendship-7 that had a more philosophic view: "Advance, advance, advance. Everybody wants to get ahead. I have all the credits and skills I need for now. Research is what keeps me going and there is plenty to keep me busy. Something tells me we are on the verge of something big in the next few months."

Well, we at Net-7 certainly hope so. Stay tuned and we will keep you informed with the latest news.